Approvals: CE

Temperature: 200°F(93°C), >158°F(70°C) remote

Styles: Insertion (SD)

Diameters: > 1 < 40"(25-1000mm) (IS)

Special Features: Datalogger Keypad configuration, 10 hour rechargeable battery

Outputs: Up to 3800 data points in .csv format (Excel file), via USB cable

The SMC ATMF-PRISM is a portable thermal dispersion flowmeter, utilizing the constant temperature difference method of measuring gas mass flow rate. The SMC PrismTM is the newest innovation in our product line, providing a portable battery operated thermal mass meter with extensive data logging capability. Designed to operate for up to 10 hours on a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the insertion style portable ATMF-PRISM can measure and log gas flows through existing ports in pipes 2″ and larger. The ergonomically designed Prism Portable can log in LOGGING Mode or MANUAL LOGGING Mode. AUTO Mode will capture a flow data point every 10 seconds. MANUAL Mode will capture a Flow data point each time the SEL button is pressed and the display will flash as each point is captured. The data is stored in the portable unit for subsequent transferring to a file, and also displays the data visually. The ATMF-PRISM comes with software, an addresser, as well as an interconnect cable to handle all data transfers between the portable unit and a computer. The cable connection is made via a Mini-USB port. The ATMF Prism can be set up for up to 16 different calibrations or applications.

  • Direct mass flow measurement of any gas with actual gas calibration
  • Portability, with up to 10 Hours of rechargeable battery operation
  • Data logging of gas mass flow rates with up to 3800 data points
  • Up to 16 unique calibrations or applications can be programmed onto a handheld unit
  • Easily transfers data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Tracking of overall gas consumption over a turndown ratio of at least 100:1
  • Graphical bar representing the flow rate
  • OLED display shows Flow, Temperature, Log#, Channel ID, Date & Time Stamps
  • 8-character TAG IDs defining specific pipe locations
  • No moving parts, and negligible pressure drop
  • Configurable via Keypad or using Addresser software (included)
Process Connections: Threaded, teflon ferrule or ball valve
Process temperature: 32 to 200 °F (0 to +93 °C)
Line size: > 2″ (50mm)
Operating pressure: 500 PSIG (35 barg)
Velocity Range: 0.23 to 665 feet/second (0.07 to 203 normal meters per second)
Accuracy (and linearity): ±[1% of Reading + (.5% FS)] ± 0.2% of Full Scale
Repeatability: ± 0.25% of Full Scale
Flow units: Kg/hr, Kg/mn, Kg/s Lbhr, Lb/m Lb/s, NCMH, SCFM, NLPM, SLPM, Mt/s, F/mn, BTU/Hr, BTU/min
Turn down ratio: Over 100:1
Gas pressure effect: Minor; < ±20% of calibration pressure
Material : 316SS as per DIN 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)
Gas temperature effect: 0.01% /° C
Response Time: Less than one second
Housing Protection: NEMA 4,Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C, & D
RAM Back-up: Lithium Battery
Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Display Parameters: Numerical and graphic instant flow rate, temperature, time and date, pipe ID and log #
Approvals: CE
Power requirements : Internal battery (10 hours) with a 12V charger
NIST traceable: Standard for all calibration
Data storage: Up to 3800 data points
Power Consumption: 2.5 Watts (SP), or less 6W other models

Refer to the link for more details: https://www.smartmeasurement.com/sd-portable/