Straight-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (ALCM-ST)

Straight-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (ALCM-ST)


Straight-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (ALCM-ST)


Straight Tube Coriolis

2"-3" (50-80mm)

± 0.1, 0.15, 0.2 and 0.5% of reading

Process Temperature:
58~+392 °F ( -50~+200C)

Liquid requirement:
Lowest pressure drops, only 2" and 3" available

Process Connection:
Flanged (ANSI, DIN, JIS, Sanitary)

Special applications where low pressure drop is critical

Process Medium:

SmartMeasurement’s ALCM-ST has a straight tube configuration which minimizes the fluid sheer stress through the flow tube. This allows the ALCM-ST to obtain significantly lower pressure drops versus similarly sized Coriolis meters. The ALCM-ST is only available in 2″ and 3″ (50 and 80mm) tube sizes.

Our Straight-Tubed Coriolis mass flow meters feature easy-to-read LCD displays that can be configured to display either mass or volumetric flow rates in a variety of user-selectable engineering units, as well as density, temperature, and totalized flows. These Coriolis meters offer excellent value by providing a highly accurate, compact instrument that can measure flow, density, and temperature, with lower pressure differential, in a single low-cost package.

  • Measurement of mass flow, density, temperature & volume flow
  • Suitable for aggressive & contaminated media
  • Very low pressure drops, only 2″ and 3″ (50mm and 80mm) available
  • Operates at temperatures up to 392°F (200°C)
  • Individual 8-point calibration including NIST-traceable report
  • Optional EX protection
Flow Range: 150~900,000 kg/hr
Process Connections: Thread (M20*1.5), Flanged (ANSI, DIN, Tri-Clamp®), Tube geometry: Delta-Tube and Straight Tubes
Line Sizes:  2″-3″ (50-80mm)
Process temperature: -58~392 °F (-50~200 °C) -std,
Tube geometry: Straight-Tube
Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading(std), 0.2% or 0.1% (opt)
Repeatability: ±0.075% of reading
Engineering Units (Mass): kg, lb, ton
Display: LCD
Engineering Units (Temp.): °C, °F
Engineering Units: (Volume): m³, Liter, US Gallon, Imperial Gallon, million gallon
Zero Stability: 0.1% full-scale
Zero Drift (%FS / °C): 0.005
Max Working Pressure: 580 psig (4.0 MPa)
Measuring Tube Mat’l: SS per DIN1.4571 (AISI 316Ti) standard
Power Supply: 12~28 VDC, 86~260VAC,50~60Hz
Housing Material: SS #304
Outputs: 4-20 mA, frequency, pulse, RS485
Power Consumption: Less than 6W
Density Measuring Range: 12.5-125lb/ft3 (0.2~2.0 g/cc)
 Ambient Temperature: : -5~312 °F (-20~55 °C)
Density Accuracy: ±0.06 b/ft³ (0.001 g/cc)
Temperature Accuracy: up to ±1F (°C)

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