Vega Water Radar - VEGAPULS WL 61

Vega Water Radar - VEGAPULS WL 61


Vega Water Radar - VEGAPULS WL 61

Radar level sensor for water management VEGAPULS WL 61

VEGAPULS WL 61, the new radar sensor VEGA is currently launching on the market, was developed especially for the area of water/sewage. The instrument is ideal for all applications having to do with level, gauge or flow-rate measurement in water preparation and sewage treatment.

It’s primarily ultrasonic devices and hydrostatic pressure transmitters that are used in water/sewage management nowadays. However, the new radar sensor is an interesting alternative to existing measuring principles. Radar measurement technology is independent of temperature effects, wind movements, fog or rain. Due to their high sensitivity – i.e. the ability to record even the tiniest signals – radar sensors also bring their advantages to bear under conditions of strong foam generation. In flow-rate measurement in open conduits, a radar sensor is considerably more precise than an ultrasonic device because its signals propagate more or less independently of temperature effects.

Industry-specific development

The new radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61 was designed specifically for use in water management systems and is a real alternative to ultrasonics also when it comes to price. The molded cable and robust housing make a high protection rating of IP 66/68 (1 bar) possible. Thanks to the many different mounting options, the radar sensor is easy to integrate into existing infrastructure.

Measurement data can be transmitted either directly to an existing control system or via a suitable signal conditioning instrument that provides corresponding relays for pump control. There is also the option of saving linearization curves in the sensor itself. This allows, for example, the flow rate in open conduits to be indicated directly on site.

"Being completely unaffected by ambient conditions, radar measurement technology enables reliable logging of water levels and ensures reliable, continuous operation of the system."

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