Vega Differential Pressure Transmitter - VEGADIF

Vega Differential Pressure Transmitter - VEGADIF


Vega Differential Pressure Transmitter - VEGADIF

Differential pressure transmitter VEGADIF

VEGADIF 65 is a newly developed differential pressure transmitter with a metallic, piezoresistive measuring cell. It is used for differential pressure measurement on filters and pumps as well as for level measurement in pressurised vessels. The fine measuring cell graduation of 0.01 ... 40 bar and the minimal measurement deviation < 0.075 % guarantee reliable measured values in flow, density and interface applications.

Special features, like the IP 68 version with external electronics for deployment in extremely damp surroundings or poorly accessible measuring sites, make additional applications possible. Quite unique is also the wide selection of housings of plastic, aluminium and stainless steel in single or double chamber versions that allow optimal adaptation to the operating conditions.

Process adaptation is carried out directly via differential pressure pipes. The various diaphragm materials like Monel or tantalum provide optimal protection against aggressive media. All sorts of one-sided or two-sided isolating systems found in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries can be installed via the scaled-down process fitting assembly. Process temperatures of -40 ... +400 °C as well as static process pressures up to 420 bar do not present any problem.

Thanks to its 4 … 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA und Foundation Fieldbus signal outputs, VEGADIF 65 can be integrated into standard control systems anytime. The most economic solution for individual measuring points is the version with 4 ... 20 mA output.

"We’ve been building pressure transmitters at VEGA for more than 35 years. By integrating VEGADIF into our modular product concept plics® we have taken the decisive step towards creating the ideal measuring instrument."

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