Vega Wireless Transmitter - VEGA PLICSMOBILE RADIO

Vega Wireless Transmitter - VEGA PLICSMOBILE RADIO


Vega Wireless Transmitter - VEGA PLICSMOBILE RADIO

Process data transmission with PLICSMOBILE via the GSM/GPRS mobile phone network

The Global System for Mobile Communication, or GSM for short, is currently experiencing above-average growth, especially in the international M2M communication market. Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is the automated data exchange between machines (instruments) and systems. In particular, it is the ready availability of fast and cost-effective data transmission, such as GPRS, EDGE and UMTS via mobile phone networks, that has stimulated M2M. To be able to overcome larger distances, mobile radio technology is an absolute must. With it, one can also reach places where a fixed network connection (landline) for a dial-up line or DSL is too impractical or expensive to install or where the distances are too large for wireless measurement data transmission with PLICSRADIO. M2M via GPRS/GSM technology also makes it possible to transmit process data from mobile measuring points.

The transmitting and receiving unit PLICSMOBILE fits perfectly in VEGA's modular plics® concept. It is available either as an integrated auxiliary module for the new plics®plus sensors or as the stand-alone instrument PLICSMOBILE T61.

The integrated quadband modem makes worldwide data transmission possible via the widely-used GSM/GPRS service – including remote diagnosis and teleservice. Another big plus: The supply voltage of the mobile radio unit PLICSMOBILE is configured so that the unit can be operated with external as well as built-in batteries. PLICSMOBILE can also provide power for the connected level sensor. For this optional battery operation, PLICSMOBILE is equipped with an intelligent energy management system that extends the operating time as much as possible.

PLICSMOBILE nicely rounds out existing solutions with signal conditioning instruments, especially in the area of remote data transmission, silo and tank inventory management by suppliers (VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory) as well as teleservice and diagnosis. The Internet portal WEB-VV plays a pivotal role here. The instrument is used primarily for applications in which the measuring site and the signal processing are located far away from each other, e.g. with mobile transport containers, deep wells, very high containers, precipitation measuring stations, waste oil gathering points or river and sea level measurements.

“VEGA’s PLICSMOBILE stands for simplified installation and great flexibility in operation, parameterisation and diagnosis from a distance.”

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