Differential Pressure Transmitters (ALDPT with ACONE)

Differential Pressure Transmitters (ALDPT with ACONE)


Differential Pressure Transmitters (ALDPT with ACONE)


Sizes: Any

Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±0.2%, ±0.075% of reading

Process Temperature: 4-752°F(-20- 400)°C

Application: Stand alone DP measurement or with primary flow elements: Orifice, Venturi, ACONE, Pitot Tube, Wedge, Elbow

Styles: Differential Pressure

Measuring range: Available for DP of up to 0 -2Mpa (290 PSI)

Metering tube: SS #316L, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, Gold Plated

Outputs & Electronics: 4~20 mA square root output, HART, MODBUS

Connection: “-18 NPTF & "-20 UNF, no drain or with drain top, side or bottom of flange

Process Medium: 3 or 5-way valve manifold for primary DP flow element (ACONE), 2" pipe mounting brackets, O2 cleaning, capillaries (many fill fluids)

The ALDPT-3051 is an intelligent differential pressure transmitter making use of advanced microprocessor technology with digital communication. This instrument makes use of advanced capacitive sensor technology and is capable of measuring all three media phases – liquids, gasses, and steam. The ALDPT-3051 includes an array of features including self-diagnostic capability, field-adjustable parameter settings, and auto-zeroing at a much lower price versus competitive offerings. Available outputs include 4-20 mA, 1-5 VDC, HART, and Foundation Fieldbus. The wide selection of materials of construction, optional accessories, and communication outputs available for the ALDPT-3051 make it suitable for nearly any differential pressure measurement application.
Measuring range: 0~1kPa~2MPa
Fluid: liquid, gas and steam
Ambient temperature: -22~185°F (–30°~85°C);  -4~149°F (20°~65°C) Fluorine Line
Fluid media: liquid, gas and steam
Accuracy grades: 0.075%, 0.2%. 0.5%
Process flange: SS# 304, SS# 316-optional
Turn-down: 100:1
Drift (Micro): 0.02% FS/year; Standard: 0.025% FS/year
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH
Damping time: 2 sec
Protection: IP67/NEMA 6
Start time: 2 seconds after power up
Field indication: LCD
Storage temperature: -58~185°F (50~85°C) No display; -40~185°F (-40~85°C) LCD display
Weight: 7.25 ~11lbs (3.3 ~ 5kg)
Working voltage:

(12~36 ) VDC —Blind type; (15~30 ) VDC; LCD type

Isolation diaphragm: SS# 316 or Hastelloy C
Nuts & bolts materials: Stainless steel
Communications distance: 2 km when using CEV cable; Load capacity:  below 0.22μF; Load inductance: below 3.3 mH
Approvals: ExdIICT6 -ATEX, ExiaIICT4 -ATEX
Transmitter housing: Aluminum with epoxy coating; Spacing with power line: 15 cm; Resolution: 0.05% of range
Fill Fluid: Silicon oil, fluorocarbon oil
O-ring materials: Nitrile, Viton, PTFE
Effects:  Effect of environmental temperature: Zero drift: 0.5% FS/50°C; Range drift: 0.7% FS/50°C; Effect of power voltage variation: ±0.005% FS/V
Output signals: 4~20 mA DC two wire

Refer to the link for more details: https://www.smartmeasurement.com/differential-pressure-transmitters/

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