Metal Tube Variable Area Meter (Self-Powered ALVAMT)

Metal Tube Variable Area Meter (Self-Powered ALVAMT)


Metal Tube Variable Area Meter (Self-Powered ALVAMT)


~10" (15-250 mm)

1.5 % Full Scale

Process Temperature:
-112-752 °F ( -80~+400 °C)

Process Pressure:
" (15mm) ~ 2" (50mm) 580 psi (4Mpa), >2" (65mm) 232 psi (1.6 MPa)

No power needed

Process Connection:
Flanges (ANSI, DN, JIS) threaded

Chemical lines, filtration loading, hydraulic fluids, blending applications, makeup water for food & beverage plants

Self-Powered Variable Area

Measuring range:
Water (20 °C) (10~300000 L/h) 0.04~1320 GPM, Air (20 °C, 0.1013 MPa) (0.7 ~ 3.000 m3/h) 0.04~1765 SCFM

" (15mm) <30 mPa.s, 1" (25mm) <250 mPa.s, > 2" (50mm) <300 mPa.s

Process Medium:
Liquid & compressed gasses

SS# 304/316/316L and more

The ALVAMT rugged metal tube variable area meters (rotameters) are ideal for high pressure, high temperature and other demanding flow applications where safety is a concern. Features include: mechanical readouts for use in locations where power is not available or in hazardous areas; analog and digital LCD local display options, multiple process connection options; several available materials of construction for metering of aggressive fluids and corrosion resistance; and HART enabled 4-20mA output to provide for remote monitoring and control. 

The ALVAMT’s excellent repeatability makes it a good choice for batching applications. For versions without electronic output, no power supply is required. The ALVAMT’s low-pressure drop provides additional value by allowing for economical pump selection.


  • Versatile design may be used for gas, steam, and liquids
  • High resolution and fast response time; – 5 to 50 msec
  • Wide temperature range from -40 up to 750 °F (-40 to 400 °C)
  • High pressure operation up to 6100 psi (420 bar)
  • Process connections including NPT threads, ANSI flanged, & Tri-Clamp available
  • Electronics either intrinsically safe EEx ia II CT5, or Ex proof EEx d II CT6
  • Wide array of materials available including Hastelloy B & C,Ti, Cu, Al, etc..
  • PTFE and other liner materials available
  • NIST-traceable calibration (ISO / IEC 17025 compliance) 
Process Connections: ANSI, DIN, JIS, and sanitary flanges; NPT & BSP threads
Sizes: ½ ~ 10″ (15 ~ 250mm)
Measuring Range: Water (70°F) – 0.04~1320 GPM (10 ~ 300,000 l/h)Air (70°F, 14.7 psia) 0.17-2650 CFM (0.3 ~ 4,500 m³/h)
Temperature: Mechanical counter: -112 to 752 °F (-80 to +400 °C)Electronic transmitter: -40 to 480 °F (-40 to +250 °C)
Pressure: ½” ~ 2″ (DN15~DN50): 6100 psi (42.0MPa)3″ ~ 10″ (DN80~DN250): 580 psi (4MPa)
Accuracy: Mechanical counter: ±1.5 % of rangeElectronic transmitter: ±1.0% of range
Turn down ratio: Minimum 10:1
Viscosity: ½” (DN15) <30 mPa.s1″ (DN25): <250 mPa.s2″-10″ (DN50-250): <300 mPa.s
Metering tube: 316/316L SS, WNR 1.4401/1.4404 6Mo, Monel,Hastelloy C,B, Titanium Gr. II, 316 SS (dual certified) with E/TFE liningPTFE: 185°F (85°C) maxHigh Temperature (H): 575 °F (300°C)
Hazzardous approvals: Ex ia II CT1-T6Ex d II CT6
Protection: IP67, IP65/NEMA 4X
Ambient temperature: Mechanical counter: -40 to 250 °F (-40 to 120 °C)Electronic transmitter: -40 to 140 °F (40 to 60 °C)
Cable entry: M20 × 1.5, ½”G, ½”NPT, ¾”G, ¾”NPT
Display and electronics: P8 Type – Stainless steel housing , dial indicating flow valueP10 Type – 2-wire (4-20)mA / HART output, Exi or Exd and alarmsP10I Type – Mechanical indicator with Exd protection,selectable switchesP10B Type- P101 indicator with LCD display and 3.6V li
Meter Structures: Top enter or bottom enterRight enter, right exitLeft enter, left exitRight enter, left exitLeft enter, right exitBottom enter, right exitBottom enter, left exit

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