Building Automation Water Meter (ALSONIC-BAWM)

Building Automation Water Meter (ALSONIC-BAWM)


Building Automation Water Meter (ALSONIC-BAWM)


1/2"-12 (15-300mm)

1% - 2%

-32-195 °F (0 ~ +90C)

Process Connection:
1/2"-1,1/2" (15-40 mm) NPT & BSP threads, 2"-12" (50-300mm) ANSI & DIN flanged

Domestic water and building automation industries, replacing mechanical water meters

Clean water

Cold water

Built-in battery, OIML R75 / EN1434, GPRS, Mbus, analog outputs, AMR

ALSONIC Building Automation Water meters employ transit-time ultrasonic flow technology and are designed for domestic water metering. The no-moving parts design of the ultrasonic meter gives the ALSONIC-BAWM a number of advantages over traditional water meters that employ mechanical measurement techniques. These advantages include superior particle tolerance for dirty-water applications, excellent low flow sensitivity for leak detection applications, and the improved longevity      and lower cost of ownership that results from the no-moving parts design.

The ALSONIC-BAWM is available with a brass body and NPT threaded process connections for ½” through 1½” sizes and a carbon steel body with ANSI or DIN flanges for sizes ranging from 2″ through 12”. All meters come with an alphanumeric LCD that displays flow rate, totals, leakage alarm, reverse flow, and diagnostic codes. A variety of industry standard communication protocols including 4-20 mA, pulse, M-Bus, RS-485/Modbus, and RF may be selected. These features all combine to make the ALSONIC-BAWM an ideal choice for new construction as well as replacement of older mechanical water meters for service in harsh environments where the domestic water system may have particles or scale present. Unlike conventional water meters, this device introduces virtually no pressure drop and it’s accuracy doesn’t degrade over time.

  • Clean water
  • Cold water
  • ½"-12 (15-300mm) line sizes
  • -32-195 °F (0 ~ +90C)
  • 1% - 2%
  • ½"-1½" (15-40 mm) NPT & BSP threads, 2"-12" (50-300mm) ANSI & DIN flanged
  • Built-in battery, OIML R75 / EN1434, GPRS, Mbus, analog outputs, AMR
  • Domestic water and building automation industires, replacing mechanical water meters
Measuring Principle: Transit time ultrasonic method
Pipe Size: ½ ~12″ (15~300mm)
Fluid Temperature: 0.1°C to 60°C and safety temperature up to 80°C
Display: LCD (8 digits + prompting character)
Transducer type: Spool piece, flanged or threaded
Pressure: std: (232psi) PN16, opt: (362psi) PN25
Pressure Loss: Less than 3.6 psi, (0.25 bar)
Flow Body Material: brass, cast iron
Flow rates: Up to 1200m³/hr (5280 GPM)
Resolution: Flow: 0.03 m3/hr; Temp: ±0.02°F (0.01°C)
Temperature range: 35.6-203°F (2~+95°C); Ambient Temperature: -13-131°F (-25~+55 °C)
Engineering Units: Metric or US English
Max Admissible Pressure (MAP): MAP16, (MAP25, MAP16, MAP10)
Pressure Loss Class: Δp25 (Δp16, Δp10)
Temperature Class: T30 (T70, T50, T30)
Electromagnetic Class: E1 (E1/E2)
Flow Profile Sensitivity Class: US/D3
Outputs: MBUS, RS485, 4-20mA, Pulse, RF, Infrared, GPRS, NB-IoT, etc.
Approval: OIML R49/ISO 4064 Class D, ANSI/AWWA C708 Standard and NSF 61-Annex G compliant

IP68/NEMA 6P submersible rating with IP67 sensor

Response Time: < 1 second
Resolution: 999.99999 – 999999.99 – 99999999 rate, total consumption, flow rate, total flow leakage, alarm, reverse flow, time, date
Power Supply (DC): 3.6VDC/2.4Ah Li battery (for 6 years of operation)
Data Storage: EEPROM, 256 Mb up to 2 years

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