Economical Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement (ALSONIC BAEG)

Economical Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement (ALSONIC BAEG)


Economical Ultrasonic Meter with BTU Measurement (ALSONIC BAEG)


1/2"-12 (15-300mm)

1% - 2%

32-195 °F (0 ~ +90C)

Process Connection:
1/2"-1,1/2" (15-40 mm) NPT & BSP threads, 2"-12" (50-300mm) ANSI & DIN flanged

BTU, sub-metering, building automation, HVAC, chillers

Permanent install BTU/Energy

Hot water

Built-in battery, OIML R75 / EN1434, GPRS, M-Bus, analog outputs, AMR

Alsonic Building Automation – Energy meters employ transit-time ultrasonic flow measuring technology combined with two integrated PT1000 RTD temperature sensors for calculating both total and instantaneous energy consumption. These in-line style flow sensors are available for line sizes ranging from ½” to 12″. The Alsonic BA Energy meter may be used to provide highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. Our microprocessor based, field programmable electronics provide local indication of energy, flow and temperature data via an alphanumeric LCD display. An isolated solid state dry contact is provided for indication of pre-programed totals or alarm conditions. Optional analog outputs and network communications are also available.


  • Measures energy consumption rate and total
  • Local or remote wall-mount display types available
  • Proven ultrasonic technology for flow measurement and PT 1000 RTDs for temperature measurement).
  • Convenient spool piece mounting for sizes up to 300mm, optional clamp on type for larger sizes
  • Wide range flow rates; 0.025 to 1000 m³/h
  • PT1000 -DIN/IEC751B temperature sensors
  • Data storage – includes time & date, flow, energy flow with totalization
  • Response time of less than 1 second
  • Built-in diagnostics


Sizes: ½” ~ 2″ (15 ~ 300mm)
Process temperature: +2~+80°C (36~176°F)
Measuring Range: Up to 1000 m³/h (4400 GPM)
Process Pressure: 232 psig (16 bar) standard, 362 (25 bar) optional
Process Connection: ANSI or DIN Flanged; NPT or BSP Threads
Accuracy and Repeatability: ±2% of Range; repeatability ±1% of Reading
Power Requirments: 3.6VDC/2.4Ah Li battery
Protection: NEMA 4x (IP65), NEMA 4 (IP54)
Ambient Tempearture: -15~140°F (-25~60°C)
Display Parameters: Energy/BTU rate, total consumption, flow rate, total flow, temperature, time, date
Speical Features: Standard pipe fittings and RTD fittings available
Approvals: CE
Outputs: pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, Modbus, M-Bus, GPRS

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