Doppler Technology Ultrasonic Meter [ALSONIC-DDPL]

Doppler Technology Ultrasonic Meter [ALSONIC-DDPL]


Doppler Technology Ultrasonic Meter [ALSONIC-DDPL]


1/2" - 240" (15-6000 mm)

2% - 5% of reading

-22~+302 °F (-30 ~ +150C)

Wastewater, drilling mud, any portable application with many particles

Wall mount, Doppler technology

Liquid must be dirty with some particles

Analog/digital outputs, data logger

SmartMeasurement’s Alsonic DDPL Doppler flowmeters employ a pair of clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement of solids-bearing or aerated liquids in metal or plastic pipes. Proprietary circuitry allows it to operate with lower concentrations of suspended solids versus competitive Doppler flow meters in the market. Clamp-on transducers allow the instrument to be installed without shutting down the process flow.  

Clamp-on transducers allow the instrument to be installed without shutting down the process flow. Two piezoelectric crystal transducers are clamped onto opposite sides of a liquid filled pipe. One transmits an ultrasonic signal through the pipe wall into the moving fluid while the other measures a portion of this signal reflected back by suspended solids,
entrained gases or flow turbulence.

Electronic circuitry compares the transmitted frequency with the received frequency. The difference, or frequency shift, is proportional to fluid velocity, in accordance with principles developed by Christian Johann Doppler. If the liquid is not moving (a zero flow condition) the transmitted and received frequencies are identical.

  • Wall mount, Doppler technology
  • Liquid must be dirty with some particles
  • ½" - 240" (15-6000 mm) line sizes
  • -22~+302 °F (-30 ~ +150C)
  • 2% - 5% of reading
  • Clamp-on outside of pipe; three transducer sizes available
  • Analog/digital outputs, data logger
  • Wastewater, drilling mud, any portable application with many particles


  • Non-fouling transducer is immune to build-ups of grease, paraffin and other coating materials
  • Solid-state measurement never requires re-calibration and is virtually maintenance-free
  • Limited straight-run requirements
  • Industry standard outputs allow direct interface to data loggers and controls systems
  • Data logger function; includes date, totalizer, signal condition
  • Operates with relatively clean liquids as well as liquids with high concentrations of suspended solids or aeration
  • Alphanumeric keypad for field setup with two-line, backlit display; indicates instantaneous and totalized flows


Measuring Principle: Doppler frequency shift
Pipe Sizes: (Std) 1 ~ 120 inches (25 ~ 3050 mm): (Opt) 0.25 ~ 1 inch (6 ~ 25 mm)
Temperature: (Std) -40° ~ 180°F (-40° ~ 82°C): Opt) -40° ~ 300°F (-40° ~ 150°C)
Fluid Velocity: Clamp on, 1 ~ 20 FPS (0.3 ~ 6.08 MPS); Insertion: 0.5 ~ 20 FPS (0.15 ~ 6.08 MPS)
Accuracy: ±2% Full Scale
Repeatability: ±0.4% of Full Scale
Engineering Units: FPS, GPM, MGD (MPS, LPM, m3/hr)
Minimum particulates: 4 ½ digit
Resolution: 0.4% of Full Scale
Response Time: 5 ~ 50 seconds, user configured, to 90% of value
Display: 2 line x 20 character alphanumeric LCD; (backlit), 6 digit – flow rate, 6 digit – total flow
Indicators: Power, signal strength, diagnostic codes, over-range, read, low battery, charge
Protection -Converter: NEMA 4/IP-65 (IP-67) ABS
Transducers: IP68 (Submersible)
Max. Cable Length: 6m, flexible armored conduit, Up to 100m
Power Consumption: less than 12VA
Power Supply: Wall-mount: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10% and 12VDC; Portable: Internal lead acid gel cell battery provides; up to 8 hrs of continuous operation; Hand-Held: Up to 14 hours
Outputs: Wall-mount: 4-20 mA, pulse, RS232, RS485; Portable:4-20 mA, 600 Ω max, isolated.
Data logger: 4.0M bytes data logger up to 200,000 records
Approval CE

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