Ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement for measuring ranges up to 5 m

Measures liquids up to 5 m and bulk solids up to 2 m away

Application area

Output signal 4 ... 20 mA, Ex approval and PLICSCOM optional.

The VEGASON S 61 is an ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids or bulk solids. Typical applications are the measurement of liquids in storage tanks or open basins. The sensor is also suitable for the detection of bulk solids in small vessels or open containers. The non-contact measuring principle is independent of product features and allows a setup without medium.

Technical Specifications
Measuring range - Distance  5 m
Process temperature  -40 ... 80 °C
Process pressure  -0.2 ... 2 bar
Accuracy  ± 4 mm
Materials, wetted parts  PVDF
Threaded connection  G1½, 1½ NPT
Seal material  EPDM
Housing material  Plastic
Protection rating  IP66/IP67
Output  4 ... 20 mA
Ambient temperature  -40 ... 80 °C
Approvals ATEX, Explosion protection
Display / adjustment
  • PC, PACTware and DTM

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