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SmartMeasurement Open Channel Flow Meters

Open channel flow monitoring is a method of determining liquid volumetric flow rates in applications that rely on moving liquids through open conduits rather than enclosed pipes. Examples of these types of applications include wastewater processing effluent flows, managing water usage in agricultural irrigation channels, and monitoring flows through storm water systems. Traditionally, this type of measurement has been performed via the use of flumes or weirs in conjunction with a liquid level sensor. In recent years, global environmental concerns and increased scarcity of freshwater resources has necessitated more accurate, reliable and cost effective methods of Open Channel Flow Measurement. Two such improved methods offered by SmartMeasurement include the advanced transit time ultrasonic Area-Velocity measurement technique and the low-cost Doppler ultrasonic method.

Environmental concerns have spawned tremendous growth in the market for open channel flow meters that make use of an Area Velocity Measurement, or AVM technique. These instruments are widely used in applications such as monitoring water management systems, storm water run-off, irrigation flows, hydroelectric generating penstocks, and industrial discharges. SmartMeasurement offers two flow meters that make use of an AVM technique; the transit-time ALSONIC-AVM and the Doppler ultrasonic ALSONIC-DAVM. Detailed descriptions of the transit time and Doppler ultrasonic measurement principles can be found on the Ultrasonic Flow Meter Page.


Area Velocity Open Channel Ultrasonic Meter (ALSONIC-AVM)
Area Velocity Open Channel Ultrasonic Meter (ALSONIC-AVM)