Differential Pressure Flowmeter

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Differential Pressure Flowmeters

Differential Pressure Flow Meters consist of a flow body containing some type of throttle restriction with known characteristics, such as a venturi, orifice, cone, or segmented wedge. This restriction creates a differential pressure between a pressure tap (P1) upstream of the restriction and a pressure tap downstream of the restriction (P2) which is proportional to the square of the volumetric flow rate. For a more detailed discussion of the principle of operation, please go to: http://www.smartmeasurement.com/flow-meters/differential-pressure/measuring-principle

Differential Pressure Flow Meters are excellent for very low flows or low Reynolds numbers (Re. < 500), high-viscosity fluids which contains dust or solid particles, or applications for measuring flows of liquid cement, crude oil flow meters, asphaltic oil, coal-tar oil, wastewater, hard pulp,  carbon black solution, asphaltic oil, coal-tar oil, wastewater, hard pulp, carbon black solution, as well as two phase flows. SmartMeasurementTM offers Cone-Type Differential Pressure flowmeters as well as a wide selection of Differential Pressure (DP) transmitters that can be used with a customer-supplied Differential Pressure element. Volumetric calculations can be performed with the ALDP-3051 transmitter with the ALDP-3051MV multivariable transmitter has the ability to perform mass flow calculations. Please see the Differential Pressure matrix below for the best fit device for your application.


Differential Pressure Transmitter


Cone Differential Pressure Meter