🚢 AHOY | Welcome on Board! VEGA Live Demo on "Shipping Industry" | 30. March 2021

Level and pressure measurement solution for the shipping industry

Anyone who builds ships nowadays has to think big. Dimensions are constantly increasing, as are the demands on safety and efficiency. This is where VEGA level and pressure sensors come in, ensuring optimal processes on board. Whether on or under deck, they optimise ship operating criteria such as sulphur emissions, energy consumption, fuel efficiency and ballast water management.

Are VEGA sensors predestined for use on ships?

Robust, resistant materials such as stainless steel, duplex or ceramic.
Seaworthy, leak tight housing solutions with the require d approvals and
certificates. User friendly operation, even from a distance, and so much more ...

... it’s worth looking into, her here: VEGA Live Demo “Ship” on 30 March 2021 @ 1pm - 1.45pm.

Our industry experts Manuel Harter and Sebastian Harbig look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

Go directly to registration here: www.vega.com/livedemo

Wishing you many new insights and a “safe return to port”,  😊 See you there!

15 Mar 2021