Reactor with fruit concentrate - Density measurement in the pipeline


The reactor is filled with concentrated fruit juice and heated. In order to achieve a higher density, the water content is reduced through evaporation. As soon as the required Brix (density) value is reached, the syrupy fruit juice concentrate is pumped out. The concentrate is then pumped over to a filling machine to be stored in barrels or to a cooling machine where it is hardened and granulated. Reliable density measurement is used to monitor quality in the production process.

Process Data
Measuring task: Density measurement 
Measuring point: Pipeline
Measuring range up to: 1000 ... 1400kg/m3 
Medium: Fruit concentrate 
Process temperature: 95 ... 115DegC 
Process pressure: 1 ... 3 bar
Special challenges: Non-contact density measurement at high temperatures 

16 Jan 2023