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Vega Flow

Measuring technique for flow rate measurement

Flow rate measuring instruments measure the amount of substance that flows through a pipe cross-section per time unit. The measured quantity is outputted as mass or volume. Typical flow rate applications measure gases, vapours and aggressive or viscous liquids in pipelines as well as bulk solids on conveyor belts.
VEGA uses two different physical measuring principles for flow rate measurement:
  • Differential pressure
  • Radiometric

VEGADIF: Flow-rate measurement via differential pressure

In flow-rate measurement via differential pressure measurement, the differential pressure is measured with the help of a differential pressure device, e.g. an orifice plate or a dynamic pressure probe (pitot tube). The differential pressure transducer calculates the flow rate from the measured value provided by differential pressure system. Thanks to the finely graduated ranges of the measuring cells and the minimal measurement deviation, very accurate flow-rate measurement can be realized.
The advantages
  • Wide application spectrum thanks to large selection of measuring ranges
  • Differential pressure transducers can detect pressure differences of just a few mbar, even with high static pressures
  • Low-cost alternative to flow transducers


WEIGHTRAC: Measurement of mass flow on conveyor belts with radiometric measuring principle

In radiometric measurement, an isotope emits focussed gamma rays. The sensor on the opposite side of the conveyor belt receives the radiation.
The scintillator of the sensor converts the gamma radiation into signals, whose quantity is detected and evaluated. Because gamma rays are attenuated when penetrating matter, the detector can calculate the mass flow on the basis of the change in intensity.
The advantages
  • Wear and maintenance free due to non-contact measurement
  • Accurate determination of the flow rate of solids, very simple setup and commissioning
  • Easy installation of the measuring frame on the conveyor belt



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