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Vega Switching

Measuring techniques for point level detection

In point level detection, a point level switch detects when a certain predefined level is reached. Such a device is employed when it is not necessary to measure every possible intermediate level, as is the case with continuous level measurement. A switching command starts or stops filling equipment such as conveyors or pumps. Point level switches outputting a binary signal can be integrated into a process control system.
Point level detection systems can be used in liquids, pastes, powders or coarse bulk solids.
Typical applications for level switches are:
  • minimum or maximum detection
  • leak detection
  • overfill protection
in process tanks, storage tanks, silos and pipelines.

VEGASWING, VEGAVIB, VEGAWAVE: Point level measurement with vibrating level switches

In point level measurement with vibrating level switches, a rod or a fork is set vibrating. When the vibrating probe comes into contact with the medium, the vibration changes and the vibrating level switch outputs a switching command. Vibrating level switches are used as overfill protection devices or low-level indicators in liquids as well as in granular and powdery bulk solids.
The advantages
  • Vibrating level switches are easy to install
  • Setup and commissioning is possible without medium
  • Reliable point level measurement – independent of installation position, pressure, temperature, foam, viscosity and grain size


VEGASWING 61 - ACIDIC UNIVERSAL LEVEL SWITCH FOR USE IN ALL LIQUIDS - VEGASWING 61 | Dry Run Protection or Pump Protection in Vessels and Pipeline

VEGASWING 63 - LEVEL LIQUIDS DETECTION | Detection for Dry Run or Pump Protection | Chemical or Non Chemical Switch

VEGASWING 66 - HOT OILS AND LIQUIDS LEVEL SWITCH | High Temperature Up To 450C and High Pressure Switch

VEGACAP: Point level detection with capacitive level switches

In capacitive point level detection, the sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. Any capacitance change caused by a level change is converted into a switching signal. Thanks to the shortenable cable and rod versions, level switches can be perfectly adapted to any application. They are often used for overfill or dry run protection as well as oil/water or foam detection.
The advantages
  • The level switch can be installed in any position
  • Fully insulated versions also measure aggressive liquids
  • Low-cost point level detection for maintenance-free operation

VEGAPOINT 31 - Compact capacitive limit switch for light bulk solids detection

VEGAPOINT 23 - Compact capacitive limit switch with tube extension for water-based liquids detection

VEGAPOINT 21 - Compact capacitive limit switch for the detection of water-based liquids

VEGAPOINT 11 - Ultra-compact capacitive limit switch

VEGAKON, EL: Point level detection with conductive point level switches

When the electrodes of the conductive point level sensor come into contact with a conductive fluid, a small alternating current begins to flow.
The electronics then triggers a switching command. Conductive point level sensors are used in all areas of industrial instrumentation, e.g. as overflow protection, pump control or dry run protection.
The advantages
  • Simple, robust and low-cost point level detection
  • Installation of point level sensors possible in any position
  • Detection of multiple switching points within a vessel

EL 1 | Low Cost and Robust Design | Conductive Level Switch

EL 8 | Low Price Level Detection, Easy Installation | Conductive Rod

VEGAKON 61 | High and Low Alarm | Water Detection Switch

VEGAKON 66 | Low Cost and Easy Installation | Multi rod level switch

VEGAMIP: Point level detection with microwave barrier

The microwave barrier functions like a light barrier: when the medium gets in the way of the microwave beam between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal is attenuated. This change is detected by the receiver and converted into a switching signal.
The microwave barrier is ideal for point level detection of liquids and solids. Another area of application is backup detection on conveyor belts.
The advantages
  • Point level detection of high-purity fluids right through the vessel wall, no openings required
  • Microwave barrier is never in contact with the medium, sensor cannot get soiled
  • Wear and maintenance free operation over long periods

MICROWAVE BARRIER FOR LEVEL DETECTION OF BULK SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS - VEGAMIP T61 | For Silos, Bunkers and Crushers As Well As of Liquids in Tubes and Vessels



PROTRAC: Radiometric point level detection

Radiometric point level detection operates with a radioactive source that emits focussed gamma radiation. The radiation is picked up by a detector on the opposite side of the vessel. When the gamma rays are blocked by the medium, the detector receives little or no radiation. The intensity changes of the incoming radiation are forwarded as signals by a relay.
The advantages
  • Maximum operational reliability even in the harshest environments
  • Measurement is unaffected by pressure, temperature and product corrosiveness
  • Measuring system can be installed on outside of vessel during ongoing production

HIGH SENSITIVITY RADIATION DETECTOR POINTRAC 31 | Economical Sensor Can be Used for Applications in All Industries

RADIATION-BASED SENSOR FOR NON-CONTACT DENSITY MEASUREMENT OF LIQUIDS AND BULK SOLIDS - MINITRAC 31 | Compact Design Ideal for Mounting in Positions Hardly to Access and in Narrow Space Applications

GAMMA RADIATION SOURCE LIMIT SWITCH VEGASOURCE 35 | Level and Density Measurement and Easy Installation

COBALT 60 AND CESIUM 137 RADIATION LEVEL SWITCH - VEGASOURCE 31 | Easy Installation for All Applications

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