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Vega Radiation Based

PROTRAC: Radiometric point level detection

Radiometric point level detection operates with a radioactive source that emits focussed gamma radiation. The radiation is picked up by a detector on the opposite side of the vessel. When the gamma rays are blocked by the medium, the detector receives little or no radiation. The intensity changes of the incoming radiation are forwarded as signals by a relay.
The advantages
  • Maximum operational reliability even in the harshest environments
  • Measurement is unaffected by pressure, temperature and product corrosiveness
  • Measuring system can be installed on outside of vessel during ongoing production

HIGH SENSITIVITY RADIATION DETECTOR POINTRAC 31 | Economical Sensor Can be Used for Applications in All Industries

RADIATION-BASED SENSOR FOR NON-CONTACT DENSITY MEASUREMENT OF LIQUIDS AND BULK SOLIDS - MINITRAC 31 | Compact Design Ideal for Mounting in Positions Hardly to Access and in Narrow Space Applications

GAMMA RADIATION SOURCE LIMIT SWITCH VEGASOURCE 35 | Level and Density Measurement and Easy Installation

COBALT 60 AND CESIUM 137 RADIATION LEVEL SWITCH - VEGASOURCE 31 | Easy Installation for All Applications

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