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Vega Conductive

VEGAKON, EL: Point level detection with conductive point level switches

When the electrodes of the conductive point level sensor come into contact with a conductive fluid, a small alternating current begins to flow.
The electronics then triggers a switching command. Conductive point level sensors are used in all areas of industrial instrumentation, e.g. as overflow protection, pump control or dry run protection.
The advantages
  • Simple, robust and low-cost point level detection
  • Installation of point level sensors possible in any position
  • Detection of multiple switching points within a vessel

EL 1 | Low Cost and Robust Design | Conductive Level Switch

EL 8 | Low Price Level Detection, Easy Installation | Conductive Rod

VEGAKON 61 | High and Low Alarm | Water Detection Switch

VEGAKON 66 | Low Cost and Easy Installation | Multi rod level switch

EL 3 | Simple Set-Up with Low Cost | Multi Control Liquid Switches

EL 4 | Exchangeable Multiple Rod Probes for All Liquids Detection

EL 6 | Multiple Cable Probe for Pump Control


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