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Vega Capacitive

VEGACAL: Capacitive level measurement

In capacitive level measurement, the sensor and the vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. Any change in level causes a capacitance change, which is in turn converted into a level signal.
Thanks to versions with shortenable cables and rods, the capacitive level sensors cover a wide variety of applications.
The advantages
  • Capacitive level measurement enables measurement without blind spots over the entire sensor length
  • Fully insulated capacitive sensors also measure aggressive liquids
  • Cost-effective measurement for trouble-free and maintenance-free operation

VEGACAL 65 - for measurement of bulk solids & non-conductive liquids

VEGACAL 66 - LEVEL SENSOR for Use in Conductive Liquids and Bulk Solids

VEGACAL 69 - CAPACITANCE LEVEL SENSOR for Continuous Level Measurement of Liquids in Non-Conductive Vessels or Corrosive Liquids

VEGACAL 67 - LEVEL SENSOR IN UNIVERSALLY for Continuous Level Measurement of Bulk Solids - | High Temperature and Pressure


VEGACAL 63 - ADHESIVE TRANSMITTER for Sticky Products | High Temperature

VEGACAL 64 | CONTINUOUS LEVEL TRANSMITTER | Contact Transmitter | Level Controller


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