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Vega Guided Wave Radar

VEGAFLEX: Measurement of level and interface with guided wave radar (GWR)

In level measurement with guided wave radar, microwave pulses are conducted along a cable or rod probe and reflected by the product surface. The measuring probe of the TDR sensor ensures that the signal reaches the medium undisturbed. Liquids, bulk solids and separation layers (interfaces) in liquids are commonly measured with this measuring technique.
The advantages
The TDR sensors measure reliably despite:
  • steam
  • pressure and temperature fluctuations
  • dust and noise
  • buildup and condensation


VEGAFLEX 81 - All kind of liquids, applications with vapour, buildup, foam or condensation

VEGAFLEX 82 - TDR sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids | Applications with strong dust generation, condensation or buildup

VEGAFLEX 83 - Continuous level and interface measurement of liquids

VEGAFLEX 86 - Liquids under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, applications with buildup, foam generation or condensation


VEGAFLEX 62 - ROBUST LEVEL SENSOR for Measurement of Liquids and Heavy-Weight Bulk Solids in Average-Size to High Silos

VEGAFLEX 63 - Level Measurement of Aggressive and Corrosive Liquids as well as in Applications with High Hygienic Requirements

VEGAFLEX 65 - MICROWAVE GUIDED COAX LEVEL SENSOR for Liquids | Typical Applications are Measurements of Solvents, Fuels and Low Viscosity Liquids

VEGAFLEX 66 - GUIDED RADAR LEVEL SENSOR for Measurement of Liquids and Bulk Solids at High Pressures Up to 400 Bar and Temperatures Up to 400C

VEGAFLEX 67 - CONTINUOUS INTERFACE MEASUREMENT | Oil/Water Interface Measurements in Separators



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