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Vega Level Instruments

Measuring techniques for continuous level measurement

In continuous level measurement, the level of a medium in a tank or silo is detected with the help of different measuring methods and converted into an electronic signal. The level signal is either displayed directly on site or incorporated into a process control or management system.
Typical applications for continuous level measurement are process tanks, storage tanks or silos in the process industry.
The measured media are:
  • liquids
  • pastes
  • powders
  • bulk solids

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VEGAPULS 61 - Level measurement of liquids under simple applications

VEGAPULS 62 - The universal genius for level measurement of liquids under difficult conditions

VEGAPULS 63 - Level measurement of aggressive liquids, especially hygienic and chemically stable

VEGAPULS 64 - For liquids under simple process conditions or hygienic requirements

VEGAPULS 65 - Level measurement of liquids despite foam

VEGAPULS 66 - Level measurement of liquids, even with strongly agitated media

VEGAPULS 67 - Level measurement of bulk solids for smaller to average vessel heights

VEGAPULS 68 - Level measurement of bulk solids in tough environments

VEGAPULS 69 - Bulk solids in small up to large vessel heights

VEGAPULS WL 61 - Level measurement of water and sewage

VEGAPULS SR 68 - Level measurement for bulk solids silos up to 30 m high

VEGAFLEX 81 - All kind of liquids, applications with vapour, buildup, foam or condensation

VEGAFLEX 82 - Light and heavy-weight bulk solids, applications with strong dust generation, condensation or buildup

VEGAFLEX 83 C Aggressive liquids or liquid media with highest hygienic requirements, applications with vapour, buildup, foam generation or condensation

VEGAFLEX 86 - Virtually all liquids under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, applications with buildup, foam generation or condensation


VEGAFLEX 62 - ROBUST LEVEL SENSOR for Measurement of Liquids and Heavy-Weight Bulk Solids in Average-Size to High Silos

VEGAFLEX 63 - Level Measurement of Aggressive and Corrosive Liquids as well as in Applications with High Hygienic Requirements

VEGAFLEX 65 - MICROWAVE GUIDED COAX LEVEL SENSOR for Liquids | Typical Applications are Measurements of Solvents, Fuels and Low Viscosity Liquids

VEGAFLEX 66 - GUIDED RADAR LEVEL SENSOR for Measurement of Liquids and Bulk Solids at High Pressures Up to 400 Bar and Temperatures Up to 400C

VEGAFLEX 67 - CONTINUOUS INTERFACE MEASUREMENT | Oil/Water Interface Measurements in Separators

ULTRASONIC LEVEL TRANSMITTER - VEGASON 61 | Level switch, Non-contact Level

VEGAPASS 81 - BYPASS OF STANDPIPE for Continuous Level Measurement outside the Vessel

NON-CONTACT LEVEL - VEGASON 62 | Water Level Transmitter | Process Level Meter

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