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Vega Innovation

Welcome to VEGA’s new technologies. Here you’ll find innovations that were developed with two things especially in mind: you and the optimal functioning of your systems.
Our current innovations for your future:
  • Level radar gauges VEGAPULS series 60
  • Microwave barrier VEGAMIP
  • Differential pressure transmitter VEGADIF
  • Radiometric detector PROTRAC for level, density and flow measurement
  • Level measurement with guided microwave VEGAFLEX
Dive in and see for yourself how each one of these products provides more operating convenience, increased measuring certainty, cost-saving solutions and optimized integration into your systems!

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Vega Radar Level - VEGAPULS Series 61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69

Vega Water Radar - VEGAPULS WL 61

Vega Guided Radar - VEGAFLEX Series 80,81,82,83,85,86,87

Vega Radar Switch - VEGAMIP

Vega Differential Pressure Transmitter - VEGADIF

Vega Radiation Level Transmitter - VEGA PROTRAC RADIATION DETECTOR

Vega Wireless Transmitter - VEGA PLICSMOBILE RADIO

Effective feed control for a crusher

Reservoir in the Alps ĘC level measurement with autonomous power supply

Reducing energy costs with pressure measurement enables flue gas to be used for drying gypsum produc

Liquid gas levels ĘC measured with electronic differential pressure

Evaporator in a distillation column

Steam generation under hygienic conditions

Wastewater treatment in an automotive painting plant

Always under steam - Radar sensor ensures fuel supply for power plant

Radar sensor detects level in rain overflow basin

Point level detection in a heat exchanger

Exhaust air cleaning in a wafer washing facility

Level of oil / water recovery reactor

Level measurement of detergent ĘC with non-contact radar right through the vessel top

Buffer tank for spent grain

Level measurement in the diesel tank

Point level detection during the loading of trucks

Mass flow measurement on conveyor belts

1 - 24 of 375
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