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FA & FB SERIES CABLE FLOAT LEVEL SWITCH Finetek Cable Float Level Switch

FA/FB Series Cable Float Level Switch


The FA/FB Series is a cable float level switch product line constructed from a variety of chemical resistant materials. These are durable, low-cost, simple and easy-to-use float level switches equipped with either a microswitch, reed switch or mercury switch output.

The FA/FB series cable float level switch is designed for single (FA) or multipoint (FB) liquid level switch detection over a wide range of lengths. The FA/FB float level switch can provide an “open”, “closed” or “open/closed” contact arrangement when the float angle is greater than its actuation angle (angle varies by float type), as a result of float buoyancy moving the internal steel ball of the float level switch from its normal activation point when the target fluid is present.

  • Polypropylene, PVC and 304SS materials
  • Single or multiple float configurations
  • Microswitch, reed switch or mercury switch
  • Easy installation, affordable and durable
  • Suitable for pump control and high temperatures
  • General pump control
  • Pump control in wastewater
  • Suitable for low specific gravity materials
  • Can handle high operating temperatures
  • Clean fluids with small process connections


  • Water and wastewater
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Other related industries
Model FAD A/B/C Round type FAE A/B/C Cup type FAS A/B/C Cup type  
Switch Micro switch Micro switch Mercury switch  
Float material PVC SUS304  
Cable spec
Neoprene Cable
1mm²x3C or 2C

PVC Cable
1.25mm²x3C or 2C

Silicon Cable
0.75mm²x3C or 2C
Contact rating
10A/ 250Vac (std.) or 15A/ 250Vac
1A/ 230Vac  
Contact form N.O or N.C or SPDT N.O or N.C or SPDT  
Operating temp. 0°C~60°C 0°C~60°C 0°C~170°C  
Specific gravity
0.6 0.5  
Weight approx. 290g/1M 290g/1M 480g/5M  
Pressure 2 kg/cm² 2 kg/cm² 2 kg/cm²  
Wire voltage 600 Vac 600 Vac 300 Vac  
Isolation resistance Min 100 Ω Min 100 Ω  
Contact resistance Max. 100Ω Max. 100Ω Max. 1Ω  
Actuation angle 28°±2° 28°±2° 10°±2°  
Protection IP68 IP68 IP68  
Model FAL A/B/C Bar type FAM A/B/C Bar type FAJ A/B/C Bar type FAK A/B/C Bar type
Switch Micro switch Reed Switch
Float material P.P P.P
Cable spec PVC Cable
Neoprene Cable
PVC Cable
Neoprene Cable
Contact rating 3A/ 125/250Vac AC70 VA / DC50 W(N.O), 20W(N.C, SPDT)
Operating temp. ­0°C~60°C ­10°C~80°C ­0°C~60°C ­10°C~80°C
Specific gravity 0.8 0.8
Weight approx. 113±2g/1M Cable 115±2g/1M Cable
Pressure 4.5 kg/cm² 4.5 kg/cm²
Wire voltage 600 Vac 300 Vac/ 350Vdc(N.O), 150 Vac/ 200Vdc(N.C, SPDT)
Isolation resistance Min 100 Ω Min 100 MΩ
Contact resistance Max. 100mΩ Max. 100mW(N.O), Max. 150mΩ(N.C, SPDT)
Actuation angle Up 18°±4°/ Down 3°±3° Up 18°±4°/ Down 3°±3°
Protection IP68 IP68
Contact mode N.O or N.C or SPDT N.O or N.C or SPDT

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